Your Mobile Money Site Review

By | August 3, 2013

mobile money site

Your Mobile Money Site Review

George Robinson is claiming that he can teach you how to build a mobile website with Your Mobile Money Site! Give me A little bit of your time and read Your Mobile Money Site Review and decide on your own if this is a scam or legit!

Name:  Your Mobile Money Site


Owner: George Robinson

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 25 out of 100

Your Mobile Money Site Overview

George Robinson is going to show you how to make thousands of dollars everyday with this new software in just a 60 second process that you can set up today that will change your life forever. He says he is not going to sell you anything in this video and he will show you how it works for free and also give you another free gift so you can start making money today. Over the last 2 years the web has changed, people are using smartphones and tablets more and more. Yet 85% of the current websites are not optimized for these type of visitors, which leaves a multimillion dollar void. This is were this software comes in by producing little commission websites that works on these type of devices, plus pc’s and mac’s also and he will teach you how to make money on it. With these little mobile money makers after you set them up will run on autopilot and they work with free traffic that he has discovered. This first one is free but if you want to make lots more money it will cost you to purchase more little websites from him.

Pros and Cons


  • As for as I know there are not any and I did get into the system to find out for you guys


  • Once you enter your email address and enter your next step is to pay for hosting and a domain name
  • You do not know what niches that they can set you up with so it is hard to pick a domain name to get started
  • The hosting packages start from 6 months to 36 months
  • Most website themes have been optimized to handle these newer devices so do not let him fool you


Who Is Your Mobile Money Site Really For?traffic1

From my past experience with these type of people this software is designed to make lots of money for him and his followers with there large e-mail list to spam the hell out of everyone until they get enough of you to fall for there antics. I am sure you can probably make money off of this system but with all the upsells and downsells it will cost you a lot of money. Here is an e-mail I received just the other day:

Your Mobile Money Site

CPA Offer Blowing Up

Yesterday a new CPA offer went live on Clicksure

called Your Mobile Money Site.

This is turning out to be yet another successful offer on our network. Conversions are solid and with a massive $100 CPA the people who mailed are doing very well.

Grab your swipes and sign up for the

$40k+ launch contest here…

Get involved now. Remember this is CPA, so no refunds or reserves… Just weekly payments and high EPC’s.

All The Best
The Clicksure Team

These people are all the same trying to exploit everyone of us that are gullible enough to fall for there shinny new toys that they try to entice us with. I am with a growing community of expert Internet Marketers that are will to help teach you the right way to make money on the internet, because there are legit ways to make money without exploiting people!   If you are looking for a place that is free from theses types of scams click belowto join us in our fight against these ever growing scam artist that just loves to take your money and laugh all the way to the bank with it!


Your Mobile Money Site Tools and Training

There is a video offered to you to watch and learn from after you get through the upsells and downsells. I did not want to spend a lot of money to produce this review for you so I did not get to view this video sorry!

Your Mobile Money Site Support

The only support I ran into was from the hosting company but I am sure these guys are in on this together, because they are the ones setting up your site for you.

Price For Your Mobile Money Site

You are not getting charged for the first one except when you sign up you need to pay for the domain name which the hosting company will give to you for free so I guess this is his other free item he is offering you!

The cheapest hosting package is what I payed for which came to $95.70 and after I payed this it took me to another upsell screen were George tells you all about the free traffic you will be getting with this but you will have to pay for it. #1 Bronze Package = $47 100’s of traffic, #2 Silver Package = $97 1000’s of traffic, #3 Gold Package = $147 10,000’s of traffic. Sorry this was as far as I got but I am sure there is more money to spend well upwards to over $500 dollars but if you have money to waste maybe you can find out for me and leave me a comment below that would be much appreciated.

My Final Opinion Of Your Mobile Money Site

To tell you the truth I was kind of excited about this software especially the way George was presenting this as being part of the future of marketing with all of our new toys we are getting for internet communication and surfing the web with! But in reality WordPress and all the other Website Theme designers are truly keeping up with the times no matter how fast technology advancing in this field. I could show you how to make one of these sites in 30 seconds or less just watch this video:

Build a wordpress site in 30 seconds

Also the themes that you can get here are mostly compatible to mobile devices!

Oh yea back to this scam, the traffic he is selling you with the 3 different levels  are all the old types of traffic that all of the Blackhaters use. These are being banded from Google, Yahoo and Bing they are offering you all of the backlinks from there forums and others that sell traffic for profits. So please do not fall for this scam!

If you are interested there is a place that you are welcome to join and help us stamp out these people or at least knock em down a few notches so the rest of us can make an honest living out here on the wonderful web. I am part of a growing community of helping and honest Internet Entrepreneurs that are willing to share there knowledge and understanding of the net so all of us can prosper. If you are interested just keep on reading and I will explain to you a little about us. If not thank you for taking time reading Your Mobile Money Site Review and good luck my friends!

Your Mobile Money Site At A Glance

Name:  Your Mobile Money Site


Owner: George Robinson

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 25 out of 100




Here I have included below a  keyword search tool that you can try out for free to see how it works the name of it is Jaaxy! As a starter member you can use it for up to 30 Keyword searches, but as a premium member you will have unlimited use of this fantastic one of a kind internet marketing tools. Feel free to try it out now!


Come join me here at this wonderful community of very well trained internet marketers that will do everything they can to help you learn how to make a good living here online and to top it off they will not charge you for there services. Because there are no upsells allowed within our community. This is a place to learn how to become an internet marketer the right way, not with all the shinny objects that just keep costing you money. So come check us out and I am sure you will want to stay and have fun doing it just like I am doing right now. Jump in by clicking on the sign up free button below and become your own boss.


If you have any questions about the content in this website, the products or services mentioned, or any question at all really, please feel free to contact me at the following email address. It would be great to get any feedback or comments about our site if you’ve found it helpful or have thoughts on how I can improve the site.

Please contact me at

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You can also leave your comment below if needed

I reply to all messages as quickly as possible.

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6 thoughts on “Your Mobile Money Site Review

  1. Graham

    Paid for inflated hosting cost, 2 weeks on and no mobile website!

    Contact details on domain whois are fake! Address fake!! Telephone number registered to Rob Benwell at R5 that ceased trading as a business in 2010!


  2. Chandler

    Tommy I signed up with You mobile money site and was suppose to be able to get second video after I registered for domain and hosting with Cloud pro. The system froze after they got my money, trying to find out how to contact George or Yourmobilemoneysite customer support. Have you got any ideas? Wish I had seen your article before, but if I can get this cancelled, I’ll be back.

    1. Tommy Dillard Post author

      Yes go back to your original purchase order email from clicksure and in the email you will find a link to click on for help from cliclsure there is also an order number starting with a U just make sure you reference your refund with that number and clicksure will help you out. If any more problems feel free to contact me again. Also you are welcome to come and try us out we are all here at Wealthy Affiliate willing to help out a fellow Marketer. Good Luck

  3. Jazz M

    Hi Tommy, I had already signed up for the cloud hosting and just few minutes after that, I found your website about this yourmobile money thingy scam.

    at first the payment was like error, but then I received an email of invoice and so on, arghh I was too late.

    But then I was thinking, maybe i needed the domain & hosting that I just registered for my own use, so I can keep it. But my question is Tommy, when I put my credit card info in the cloud hosting webpage, will George Robinson aka yourmobilemoneysite SCAM have my credit card info too?

    and same as Chandler, I wish i could read up your article before I hit that proceed button.

    1. Tommy Post author

      No he does not have your card info only the hosting company does right now he only gets a commission for you joining with them. If you act within the next 7 days you can request your money back from the hosting company because you really do not want to use them they are an off the wall hosting company that just caters to these gurus. You can get your hosting fees back minus the domain name cost of i think it is $14.95 that domain belongs to you for 1 year now. I have a better deal for you if you come to Wealthy Affiliate we have all the resource’s you will ever need to learn how to build and maintain your own websites, we are a very large and friendly community of marketers that are willing to help you and answer any and all your questions. Plus we have the best training lessons on marketing you would ever need. You can get a starters membership for free with your own website plus hosting did I mention this part is free. But if you want to become a premium member with unlimited amount of hosting and websites the first month is $19.00 and after that only $49 per month that’s right all of this for just this low price. I will be looking forward to meeting you in our members area. See you soon


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