Recent Scams

Recent ScamsRecent Scams

I am assuming you are here because you are tired of all these internet and online scams, I am here to inform you with tips on how to avoid the most Recent Scams on the internet, and a few other scams that we come across everyday!  I know everybody would love to make money on line avoid scams and have a wonderful life, but that is not possible due to all the scumbags in this world trying to take advantage of honest people trying to make extra cash! I have done a lot of research lately so I can bring  this report to you as honest as possible!

Nigerian Scams:

Recent ScamsHere is the latest Nigerian Scams that I was able to get information on. This one here is about a renter thinking she is dealing with an apartment owner on the phone. He tells them about how he has had trouble with previous renters and needed proof that they would be able to pay. He tells them to do an electronic payment to a relative or friend that they know, approximately $2500 as to prove that they have the money for the apartment. That is when he tells them to scan the copy of the transfer payment and e-mail it to him, he then takes the copy to the nearest Western Union office and pretends to be your relative or friend you have used and cashes in for the money.

Here is another one they are using out of Nigeria buying things from people on Craigslist and eBay. Sellers have gotten smarter now by using PayPal to receive there money before shipping there products to Africa especially. If the scam artist has there e-mail address they will send a message pretending to be PayPal and letting them know that there account has been credited with the amount that there were waiting for. But if you send the products out without checking your account personally you have just lost that transaction to a scam. So it is always important to double check your account first hand.

Anthony Morrison:

Recent ScamsIs this late night infomercial king a get rich quick marketing scam. A good thing about Anthony he does teach noobies about how to make money on the internet, but the things he does teach you in his 3 day seminar that will cost you  $3,000 to attend is all of the old school online advertising. I know this because I was one of the fools that fell for his get rich quick scam by going to his free one day seminar then buying into his 3 day seminar, to tell you the truth I am not proud to tell you of the money I lost going to this seminar,  but by the third day I realized that all they were leading up to is more Up-Sales to his more advanced training classes Starting from $9,000 all the way up to $35,000. Do you think this is right by preying on the elders of our country that are trying to make there retirement money grow faster and last longer? It seems to me that he is preying on the old just like a lion does when scoping out a herd for the kill! The reason why I say this majority of the people there was 50+ years of age.


CID E-Mail Scam:

Recent ScamsThe CID is U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command there is a group out there pretending to be from the CID and it is a Phishing Scam so beware. First they will send you a e-mail stating who they are from the CID informing you that they discovered a company that you have been have contact with is under investigation so you need to acknowledge the e-mail and provide them with your personal and finacial information so they can protect you from this company. They say they are from the “Office of the Division of Criminal Investigation” the army says this division does not exist so BEWARE!


Wealthy Affiliate

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  2. Mike

    Sigh, I guess we’ll be forever burdened with these scammers, as soon as one gets discovered another one appears. thanks for bring these to our attention Tommy.

    1. Tommy Post author

      Yes they come out of there holes every once in awhile just to suck some more money out of unsuspecting newbies that have money and try all of the get rich quick programs that never work.
      Thank you


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