What Is An Internet Scam?

By | April 10, 2013

What Is An Internet Scam?

What is an Internet Scam? There are many out there right now below I have a few Internet Scams listed and if you find any please do not hesitate to Report Internet Scams!

The question I hear a lot from my friends and on the internet  is What Is An Internet Scam? In the next couple of minutes I am going to try to answer this question with the best of my knowledge. But first here is Wikipedia.org definition of it:

Internet Fraud

Internet Scam

The use of Internet services or software with Internet access to defraud victims or otherwise take advantage of them, for example by stealing personal information, which can even lead to identity theft. A very common form of Internet fraud is the distribution of rogue security software. Internet services can be used to present fraud,net solicitations to prospective victims, to conduct fraudulent transactions, or to trams it the proceeds of fraud to financial institutions or to others connected with the scheme.

Internet fraud can occur in chat rooms, email, message boards, or on websites.

Tax Time Scams

Internet Scam

As we get closer to the tax deadline on or about April 15th of every year, it is also one of the riskiest time of the year for data theft. A lot of victims are taken in by clever scams that in turn get all of there tax refunds and or there identities stolen.

Since 2008 tax refund thefts have been increasing more and more, giving these thieves a very lucrative income from the comforts of there homes. Growing from 47,730 in 2008 to 242,142 in 2011 and a staggering 641,690 cases 2012, due to trusting tax professionals with our information that leads to careless and insecure data sharing practices.

Filing your taxes are painful and it should not be so risky,there is technology out there to help you protect your valuable information you can make your files encrypted and digitally protected you just need to research it a little and find the right program for you.

FBI Virus

Internet Scam

This is a rogue software it pretends to lock up your computer with false claims that you have been logged by the FBI doing illegal things on your computer. Like downloading music without permission or worst of all looking up child porn. This program is categorized as scare ware it is used by hackers to scare you into paying for a crime that you did not commit. You can get this virus by clicking on a false website or receiving an official looking email from the FBI stating about your illegal activity and to click on the attachment to verify what they are talking about. If you get this virus look up Pctuneup.org they have away to help you remove it.

This Is Not A Scam

Internet Scam

If you are interested in getting into Internet Marketing and making a name for yourself. I am part a growing community that is tired of all the scam artist and so called Internet Gurus that promise you millions over nite. Here at Wealthy Affiliate we are looking out for each other and teaching each other how to help others that are willing to learn Online Marketing the right way. The best part of it is that it will cost you $0 to join, that’s right not one cent this of course is the starter membership, you will get training to help you start up 2 of your very own websites with hosting for absolutely FREE…. Also everyone here will help you with any problems you run into at no charge.

There is a Premium signup at $47 per month, if you signup for this one within 7 days of you starter signup you will receive some special bonuses for free….

Here I have included a free keyword search for you to try it is called Jaaxy this is Wealthy Affiliate tool that is also available when you sign up!

Once you join Wealthy Affiliate you will instantly notice all the great things you have been missing all these years.

I hope I was very helpful to you with my review on What Is An Internet Scam! But if you have any concerns please feel free to contact me.

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