eMoblie Code Review is it Legit or a Scam?

By | June 7, 2014

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Hello please do not buy into Bill McKnight‘s new system until you have  had a chance to read my unbiased eMobile Code Review! I bought and tested it myself  so i can give an honest review and then you can make up your own mind is eMobile Code legit or just another scam from yet another internet guru!

Name: eMobile Code

Owner: Bill McKnight

Website:  http://www.emc.com (if you click on this link it will take you to there website to watch for yourself if want to)

Cost: $49

Overall Rating: 25 out of 100

 eMobile Code Product Overviewemobile code1

eMobile Code is a software that was designed to give you a step by step Web Application that was originally sold for $997, that is supposedly giving people that use it extraordinary results make money online.

The training was created to give you the customer 100% understanding on how to use these Mobile Money Websites for making money online.

This is a copy paste system with ready done affiliate marketing templates just about every niche out here today giving you plenty of things to choose from.

Pros and Cons


  • Has pre-made campaign templates for all kinds of niches
  • A free auto-responder
  • You do not need to be computer savvy
  • Training videos


  • The templates are generic and probably not help in your ranking on Google or any of the other search engines
  • The free autoresponder is just a trial version and you will need to purchase it soon
  • You definitely need to know your way around a computer and knowledge of internet marketing
  • The training videos are just basic knowledge of there system which is suppose to be automatic so you do not need to use them, just there for show I quess.
  • lots of upsells to get it to work properly just like all of the other ones

Who Is eMobile Code Really For?internet gurus

In my experience in the online marketing world I see this as just another money making idea created and designed by a Internet Guru just to get money from unsuspecting newbies that are just getting started. This is considered a JV launch so as all of the other e-mail marketers can make buck off of you and me. The system does work do not get me wrong but will probably work only long enough so as you can not get your money back. It will probably take you that long just to learn how to use it and then it is too late for money back guarantee given to you. If you take a look at the picture to the right of here you will probably be able to pick out a few of the guru’s that has already taken your money before and these are the same guys backing this launch also.

eMobile Code Price

The buy in cost if you sign-up right away is $49, but if you exit out of page after page just like all of the other launches you will get a lower price each time. I have put together a video and added it right below here so you can get a short look inside of there promoting video if you have not looked at it as of yet.

emobile code4My Final Opinion Of eMobile Code

This is just another online marketing scheme that will probably work, but in my opinion after I have tried it and got my money back. I will not support this launch or endorse it in anyway it will only suck up your hard earned money and destroy your out look on internet marketing.  So In my opinion eMoblie Code is not legit it is a scam! But I do endorse a very nice and friendly community that I am part of and have been here for many years now, we all take pride in how we help each other out when we have a question to ask. Our favorite saying is once you have learned something Pay It Forward to the next person in need of it. So if you are ready to take that giant leap into a world of learning how to make it online just click on the sign up here banner below and come join us. I guarantee you will not be disappointed at all we have all been there and done that so we do have the knowledge to pass onto you also. Oh I almost forgot to mention this will not cost you anything to join it is FREE to sign up for our basic membership, but there is a premium membership if you decide to join it also.



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5 thoughts on “eMoblie Code Review is it Legit or a Scam?

  1. Don Lasker

    I bought into this EMC.
    It was a continuous up sell.
    Then after more research I found out the guy on the video is an actor and not the “real” developer.

    In the end you are an affiliate marketer.

    Wealthy Affiliate is way better, cheaper and more transparent as well as all the help you get from members it is full of knowledge.


  2. Julia Roots

    Hello Everyone

    Don’t be fooled by Emobile Code because like a fool I joined them and of course they said it was free. I paid the money and there were extra costs. I asked for my money back because they had a money back guarantee but they kept making excuses to delay giving me my money back and they’ve still got it. Don’t sign up with them because they will never give you your money back.

    from Julia Roots

  3. Randy

    Nice job on this review Tommy. I hadn’t heard anything about it yet and this was very informative. It totally gave me enough information to make a fairly informed decision. As always Tommy, thanks for giving us a nicely detailed description of another plan to grab our bucks!


  4. Tomas Bishop

    Your lucky that you got your money back. I recently got into an opportunity that turned out to be a total scam and I couldnt get a refund. One thing I’m learning is that usually if a program doesn’t allow you to get your money backs, its a scam. They only have a no refund money policy so that when you don’t get results like they promised, you can’t just quit and get a refund.

    1. Tommy Post author

      Yes I am also glad I got my money back. When I do reviews on products like this I make sure there is a way to do this just in case. But the newest trick they are using is to give the first product to you for free and the trick you into their never ending funnel to get your money that is not refundable. Because most places they promote these types of products require them to give a money back guarantee from the original sell only and not the rest. Thank you for your comment and have a wonderful day.


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