Ez Cash Creator – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

By | February 23, 2014

Hello everyone, welcome to my Ez Cash Creator review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?ez cash creator1

Just like everyone else doing there own review of Ez Cash Creator my inbox was also being filled up with this new software from all my known e-mail marketers. So I decided to get an in-depth look at what all the hype is all about.

I am trying to be as fair as I can to this product with an open mind, but once I started to watch the promoting video and listening to these so called testimonials from people that have tried it and was making money hand over fist. I then realized these are not real testimonials from people that have tried it, but they were probably hired thru fivver and told what to say just to make a few bucks like $5 per person LOL.

Here is a video I captured from Ez Cash Creator promo video check it out for yourself:

 ez cash creator

Name: Ez Cash Creator

Website: http://ezcashcreator.com

Price: $49, first down sale $29, final down sale $9

Owner: Travis Stephenson (this is the legit owner not the actor on the video claiming to be the owner)

Overall Ranking: 20 out of 100

Ez Cash Creator, Product Overview

Ez Cash Creator is claiming to be the easiest tool for generating very high online commissions without having to change your everyday routines, just spend a few minutes a day on this and let it do its job for you.

Once you sign-up you will get access to the members area which offers you all of the training on this special software that teaches you how to build your own website thru this website builder program. It will only cost you $49 which has a money back guarantee because ClickSure requires this of them before they can advertise there product on there site.

This is just another software product that is giving people hope that there is really a one click, get rich system that is guaranteed to make you lots of money, between me and you we all know that is a bunch of BS because it takes a lot of time to build a business online.

Pros and Cons


I did not find any pros to support this product to me it is just another example of a very bad product and there is no no value in this so called notable product.


  1. Cost you money on the upsells
  2. Very poorly and shady testimonials
  3. It takes several hours before you receive your log-in info and then it asked you what product did you purchase
  4. One click software that really does not exist anywhere on this earth, but maybe in the far future if we live that long.

Who Is Ez Cash Creator Really For?

This software was created for Travis Stephenson to make large amounts of money off the unsuspecting newbies to online marketing by pulling on there emotions and get rich quick ideas. also to get e-mail marketers to promote this product to there list of people he is offering them a CPA of $60 none refundable for every sale they make. This means that is why there are so many e-mail marketers flooding your inbox with this promo.

If you are really interested in learning how to build your very own website and hosting it for FREE, click on the sign up button below:


Ez Cash Creator Tools and Training

There are no tools that I could find except for the website building software that helps you build your money making website that will cost you the price of a domain name and hosting from his hosting company he is affiliated with, which usually runs around $300 to get set up. The training is showing you how to get the software to work for you.

Ez Cash Creator Support

I did not see any type of support offered I am not saying that there is none available its just that I did not see any.

Ez Cash Creator Price

The original price Travis Stephenson was going to charge was $99 but out of the kindness of his heart he gives a great discount of $50, so it is only going to cost you $49 to join. When you decide to leave the page it puts you on another one giving you another $20 off of $29, but if you leave this page he gives you another discount and this will only cost you $9 for this wonderful software that will make you richer then you can ever believe. LOL

My Final Opinion Of Ez Cash Creator

It would have been easy for me to write a positive review of this product and make some money recommending this wonderful easy way to make lots of money, but unfortunately I can not promote Ez Cash Creator by doing this it would be putting my reputation on the line. Because it does not represent a legit way to build an online business, there is no fast easy way to make money online it takes years of learning on how to create a money making business online.

Ez Cash Creator At A Glance

Name: Ez Cash Creator

Website: http://ezcashcreator.com

Price: $49, first down sale $29, final down sale $9

Owner: Travis Stephenson (this is the legit owner not the actor on the video claiming to be the owner)

Overall Ranking: 20 out of 100


If you have ant questions about this product or if you have purchased this product and wish to leave a comment about it, please just leave your comment below or contact me at:


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