Avoiding Social Media Scams

By | March 19, 2013

Avoiding Social Media Scams

SMSGive me a few minutes and I will go over social media scams like social media jobs scams online, social media profit scams there is a lot of these out there on social media now days just watch out and pay attention!



 Free Stuff that lures you in

Social Media ScamsThere is nothing free in this world especially the gift card scam, that includes laptops,Starbucks, new IPads, and on and on. You all know what I am talking about, first they ask for your e-mail address then your personal info,then they sell that to the bad guys. Don’t get me wrong the gift cards are legit but it is the people that get a hold of your personal info exploits you and performs credit card fraud.



Curiosity Killed The Cat

This is a good one cause it brings out your curiosity by asking you if this is you in this video? Only thing is if you click on the link you will get a message that you need to update your flash player to see it, don’t worry this is only malware. The hidden code in it puts a “like” button on your page and when your friends and family click on this “like” button they get it also how funny is that all of you are victims of a malware attack.another one to watch out for is “see who has viewed your profile” more malware!



Tugging At Your Heart Strings

These people are the lowest of them all, they wait for a major disaster and within hours of something terrible happening. They start scamming people for donations on fake websites and landing pages that show the victims as to pull at your heart strings to donate.

Another one is that when they hack your family member or friends account and contacts you that they are stranded and they need you to send them money, just check on that person personally before you send it!


 Easy Money For A Fee

Almost always if someone is offering you away to make lots of money on line for a fee, it is definitely a scam. Just beware of anything that sounds too good to be true, because it is not.



 Check Before You Click

Social Media ScamsThere is a very easy way to tell where the link you are about to click on is sending you. Before you click on it just hover the cursor over it and look on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen and there you will be able to see the website address it is going to send you to. Then you will be able to research that site before you go there.




Safest Place To Avoid Scams

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How to Claim Your Bonus…..

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Social Media Scams

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