What Is Making Money Online?

By | February 9, 2014

What Is Making Money Online?

I have noticed there are a lot of people doing a lot of searches online to find out What Is Making Money Online? If you go on the major search engines you will come up with a whole lot of ideas on how to make money online. The truth is there are a lot of ways you can make money online but it takes effort on your part. money

In the next few minutes I will be going over several ways you can do this. If you really want to try and make a go of it, just remember it is not easy to earn a lot of money but you can get enough to get by.

I do know of a way that you can create an honest and lucrative way to create your very own online business but it will take a lot of time and effort on your part it is just not handed to you on a silver platter, like all of the internet gurus that are trying to convince you that it is just a simple 3 click method that lets you sit back and watch all of the money come rolling in. In reality it is them setting up these programs to lure you in so they can sit back and watch your money come rolling into there bank accounts.

Online Surveys

A paid online survey is set up to collect information about you, also economic and personal habits that you have in your particular area of living.

There are 2 types of surveys The first one is an incentivized survey they tend to catch a wider and more representative amount of people, compared to the second type which is unincentivized surveys these do not offer you anything except gratification that you completed it.

A legitimate survey usually falls under the unincentivized type, like Gallop poles and government types.

Now surveys that want you to purchase products from them or pay for you to join are usually scams, as in sites that disappear from the internet before you can collect what is owed you.

The legitimate surveys will never ask you for your credit card info before starting there survey.

This type of Making Money Online will never amount to hardly anything worth looking into!

Affiliate Marketing

This type of marking is one of the ways you can make a few dollars just by promoting products from legitimate company’s that everyone buys products from. These businesses will reward you with a percentage of what is sold to the people that you have sent to there site to buy there products. There several ways that you can accomplish this, first you must sign-up with there affiliate programs so you can receive an affiliate ID# by doing this they know who has sent the buyer to there site and when they purchase something you get credit for it.

There are several Affiliate Programs that you can join that carry just about every type of product out here for sell by the top retailers. Just to name a few is Commission Junction, ShareASale, LinkShare, and Amazon just to name a few, but there are plenty more to choose from and join.

The best ways to do this type of marketing is to create a website where you can post there banners or text adds to your site that links the buyers to them. Also you can create adds that you can post on social media sites to reach out to a lot of people all at once.

I am personally part of a great community of online marketers that did a lot of studying on how to perfect these types of advertising and building websites of our very own in order to build a better life for all of us. One thing about this place is that you can learn all you ever wanted to know about online marketing and everyone here is willing to help you accomplish it!

PPC aka (Pay Per Click Marketing)

This type of marketing takes a little more training and the know how to write catchy advertising slogans that will bring the flocks of people to your affiliate links. You can use this type of ads on all the social media platforms, Google search pages and Bing search pages also.

Where ever you can place an ad and someone can click on it and get sent to one of your affiliate marketing retailers and they end up buying something you will get payed for it.

The only down side of this is that you have to just like the name of it says Pay Per Click, which means every time someone clicks on your ad you will have to pay for it. The cost varies by what you have set up with the platform you are advertising on.

Here in the community I spoke of earlier there is an extensive training course consisting of everything you would ever need to know about PPC marketing, but the only way to get this training is in the premium level of our great community. But to me the premium level is well worth the money I pay each month to be part of this growing community of online marketers that are learning how to do this type of marketing the right way.

Video Marketing

Now video marketing is the way to go especially if you are planning to upload your videos to You Tube, because it is also owned by Google and they tend to favor there own platform more then others. Everyone loves to create a video and upload it to You Tube, because everyone is trying to be a star. But I have noticed about the videos people are posting there are no ad links to them this means that they are loosing out of tons of money from them especially if there video goes viral. I can just picture all the money going down the drain with no ads attached to there great work.

Doing this type of marketing you would need to learn from some of the best marketers in the business and a lot of them are right here helping others in the community I am part of, so if you are interested in learning how to make money with your viral videos.

Website Marketing

Have you ever wanted to own your very own website and build a business with it so you can become your own boss and not worry about someone else telling you want you can and can not do with your time? This is the best thing you could ever do to help yourself get out of the rat race we all call 9 to 5 slavery.

I know of a way you can learn how to build your very own website and get the hosting for it for absolutely nothing that is right for FREE.

Right here in our community you can get a free starters membership that comes with your very first course consisting of 10 lessons for free on how to create your very own website, not just one free website and hosting you get 2 at the same price FREE.

Watch the video below just to see how simple it is to create your very own website in under 30 seconds, to top it off you can be up and running online as soon as you publish it.

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I know you need us to help you get where you want to be in this ever growing online marketing world so you can stop asking the question:


What Is Making Money Online?


So come join us and enjoy the rest of your life free from the burdens of a 9 to 5 boss hating job and be your own boss!

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