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By | August 11, 2013

fast cash4Fast Business Cash Review

Hold on Now! Have you received a phone call recently from Fast Business Cash asking if you are interested in making money on the internet? If so take a few minutes to read my Fast Business Cash Review before you proceed!

Name: Fast Business Cash


Price: No cost to join as an affiliate

Overall Rating: 20 out of 100

Fast Business Cash Overviewfast cash3

This is a Business Cash Advance System, you would need to learn the full program to understand the full process from application to funding. As a Business Cash Specialist you will be able to offer businesses the one thing they need at all times to stay afloat: CASH! As the majority of business owners are unable to get lines of credit and loans from banks during these economical times, since banks are using the money they get from our government to play the market instead of lending it to them. You will become the ONE person that medium and small businesses can use to stay afloat. When the banks say NO we say YES!!!

There are over 20 million Small Businesses in the United States! This means you would have over 20 million potential customers to offer your services to.

Pros and Cons


  • 20 million potential customers
  • No money out of your own pocket
  • Helping out small businesses to stay in business
  • Working in your neighborhood to help your economy
  • Sending potential customers to Fast Business Cash website with your link
  • No applications to deal with they do all the work for you


  • It is hard to get targeted traffic to here
  • Will cost you extra money to get someone to help get the traffic
  • Just another payday advance loans but for businesses
  • Your neighborhood customers will probably not want to do business with you anymore


Who Is Fast Business Cash Really For?

They are simply the middle men that will introduce the Business Owner to the bank that will give them the biggest and most affordable cash advance possible. Once you refer the business they will do the rest for you and then you just collect your commissions! That is if you can really find a business willing to get into a payday type loan that will cost them more then they can afford.


Now if you are looking for a place that is free from theses types of scams click below to join us in our fight against these ever growing scam artist that just loves to take your money and laugh at you all the way to the bank!


Fast Business Cash Tools and Training

There are several ways you can refer businesses and they have designed a training section to help guide you with the best ways to get started.  With cold call scripts already typed out for you to learn and a list of Businesses Objections/Questions with great responses to them all.

You will be given your very own website that comes with an Agent Back Office that allows you to stay up to date on all parts of your business including training, commissions, and pending applications. Everything you will need to operate will be here in this Back Office!

Then you will receive a call from another business to upsell you an opportunity to get targeted traffic to your site, which is a considered a business loan to you of course.

No tools to speak of.


Fast Business Cash Supportfast cash1

You will be assigned a Business Success Coach that will help you out step by step so that you will have the best possible chance to make lots of money. This is the upseller that I mentioned in the previous subject.

Also You can contact their Agent Support Department by email or phone when needed!

Price For Fast Business Cash

There is no cost to join from you at anytime! Besides that they are giving you $100 if you join now as a bonus!

But there is an upsell from another company that drives targeted traffic to your site that is very expensive, I was offered one that was close to $2,000 and they were willing to set it up as a loan to me which would have cost me 2 to 3 times more then that I presume.

My Final Opinion Of Fast Business Cash

Now that I have tried this for the last 2 months without getting their targeted traffic coaches and paying the outrages amount of money they were asking me to pay for it I have not made a penny. I even bought a domain name and created a website specifically for this niche and to this day I think I have gotten 1 visitor and I do know how to create good content and keyword searching for SEO. In other words this is definitely not worth the trouble to get into.  Sorry if I had mislead anyone earlier with this scam until I was able to try it out first myself. I hope you have enjoyed reading my Fast Business Cash review!

Fast Business Cash At A Glance

Name: Fast Business Cash


Price: No cost to join as an affiliate

Overall Rating: 20 out of 100


Here I have included below a  keyword search tool that you can try out for free to see how it works the name of it is Jaaxy! As a starter member you can use it for up to 30 Keyword searches, but as a premium member you will have unlimited use of this fantastic one of a kind internet marketing tools. Feel free to try it out now!




I do know of a place that I endorse 100% if you are really interested in making extra money from home! This is a community of highly educated Internet Marketers that is willing to help you out when ever you get stuck on any of there training lessons. I have been here for quite awhile now myself and am having a great time interacting with everyone here me helping them and they are helping me also when I get stuck. THere are no stupid questions here just people needing something answered. If you are interested just click on the sign up free button below and come join us we are all waiting for you.


Here is a perfect way for you to start building your very own E-Mail marketing list and it will only cost you $1.00 for the first month, watch the video below to get all the info!

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1


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19 thoughts on “Fast Business Cash Review

  1. Gabor Franciszti

    PRICE cost $ 97.00 to join! It is NOT a “No cost to join as an affiliate”.They will give you a $100 sign up bonus, but probably you unable to use it until you make $ 10.000. They want my money over the phone right after the first call and when I told them to call me back, they never did

    1. Tommy Dillard Post author

      That is right the people on the other end of your phone call is trying to make money off of you they are soliciting the $97 from you and then you will get a phone call later on trying to sell you targeted traffic for you. So no this is not a Legit service just another way for them to make more money from unsuspecting people.

  2. Martin


    You have been in for a month have you made any money?
    Has anyone replied saying they made money?

    You say – there are very few legit ones to find and I am sure this one is, cause they charge you no money lol.

    Because it is free is that what you are basing your sure Legit rating on?


    1. Tommy Post author

      I have been busy with other reviews and finally got back to here but no it is not legit and I will be updating this soon. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Julie Simpson

    Ive been signed up with for 2 months now. I paid a measley $99 to get in and already Ive had 2 businesses approved for cash advances. Ive made over $1000.

    1. Tommy Post author

      Very nice I have been signed up for 2 months and have not made anything and signed up for free maybe that’s why!

  4. Robin

    I like the approach. You got me reading it and then told of your experience. Very good. However, I noticed 3 spelling mistakes.

    “Also You can contact there Agent Support Department by email or phone when needed!” That should be ‘their’ not ‘there’. You did that one other place. Plus you missed a space – it should be ‘a loan’ not ‘aloan’. Petty, yes, but …..

    1. Tommy Post author

      Thank you for your comment sorry I am not the best speller in the world but I will work on it LOL again Thank you

  5. Frank G

    SCAM – SCAM – SCAM !!!!!

    1. Tommy Post author

      It took them about 3 weeks before a company contacted me about helping me get it going but it would cost my a couple of thousands to get targeted traffic for it. But yes you are right it is a big SCAM

  6. Randy

    Thanks for a great review Tommy. Had not heard of this one before! I usually don’t answer the home phone anyway. Guess I ought to ask my wife if she’s gotten this call yet, huh? Great reviews Tommy… keep it up!

    1. Tommy Post author

      Thank you for your comment I really appreciate it. Yes this one came out awhile back I do not know if they are still trying to pull it off now

      1. Eve Fisk

        They are still in business (I think anything in AZ is questionable.
        I joined for the #$99. Got a call stating a coach would contact me the next week but no coach called. I called to request the money back. No response. Definately, a scam. Sorry i didn’t know about
        your site until today.

        1. Tommy Post author

          Yes I know I got the same call and waited for a coach to call me and never got one, but luck me I did not pay anything at the time of my first call. I hope you get your money back. I am here to inform people of scams like this. If you are looking for a legit place to learn how to build an online business contact me. Good luck

    1. Tommy Post author

      This is what I live for to help people out and to expose these scams for what they are. Have a great day. If you have time come check out our community of helping people it is free to join.

  7. Henry

    I must agree with all the comments. I have been scammed once again and it will take me probably 5 years to recoup my losses again.
    When you do get someone they hurriedly get you off the phone.
    I check every day or so and I see hits but no approvals.
    Been up for 5 months now. Screwed!!!


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