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By | July 28, 2013

5k5K In 15 Days

Whoa! Hold On! If you are thinking of joining 5K In 15 Days please hold off until you read this! They promise that you can make 5k in 15days for free just by following there guide lines. I have looked into 5k in 15 days and will be giving you my unbiased and honest opinion of it if you just give me a few minutes to go over what I have learned going inside the product!

Name: 5k In 15 Days

Website: http://5kin15days.com

Owner: Video introduces as belonging to Josh Monroe, but it is brought to us from Tim and Zack

Price: Free to join, but you have to get past Step #1 first which is a purchase of a domain name for $30 and a 2 yr. hosting package for $262.80

Overall Rating: 30 out of 100

5K In 15 Days Overview

Josh Monroe starts out in this video telling you how he is going to EXPOSE the Internets Deepest Darkest Secret, also this is the secret behind all of the phony and fake Screenshots of money being made from other so called secret formulas, fake actors, rented Limo’s and Mansions. He says seriously this is the secret  that is holding you back and making all of the others rich off of you. But here he is going to flip the secret on its head and put the power into your hands! This is about to come to an end today and he is going to show you a fool proof way that you can generate $5,000 in just 15 days, not only will he show you how but he will give you all of the tools you will need to accomplish this again and again over and over. He will not charge you a single dime for all of this, all you have to do is submit your name and e-mail address in the box below the video.

Pros and Cons


  • He will not charge you a dime
  • He will be giving you a goal and a time frame to complete
  • He is using his real name Josh Monroe
  • Doesn’t think all of you are idiots either


  • All of his money is generated from the upsell funnels
  • His time frame runs past the 30 day guarantee
  • I am sure this guy is an actor cause this is produced by 2 of the top gurus out here Tim and Zack
  • He is hoping a bunch of you are idiots enough to fall for this


Who Is 5K In 15 Days Really For?

In his video he keeps on emphasizing that this is a secret for all of you that have been ripped off by all of the shinny get rich quick garbage! He wants to give all of this back to you guys at no charge not even a single dime to him, unless you make it rich and then you can pay him what you think it was worth. Because he is a hands off millionaire of a guy and that is what this formula will be for you if you decide to join in on this money making venture he is trying to get you to join in on. He brags about how lucky you are that you have found him and his secret formula for making it rich online by generating massive amounts of targeted traffic that is ready to buy what ever your niche is. But in the real world this is designed for the big e-mail listed guys out there to generate as much money for all of them as long as you guys keep falling for all of this madness. Here is a copy of the e-mail that was sent out to all of the JV’s out there that have list to send to.


Good – glad to know you can’t turn down a huge
payday either!This launch, on July 29th, is set up to be an absolute
monster! He’s paying out over $100/ sale in CPA payouts
so you never lose money to refunds or reserves!
His last launch paid out over $350,000 in commissions from
just 50 affiliates! This time promised to be even better!- A $10,000 First Place Prize Up For Grabs!
– $100/ sale CPA Payout! (no refunds)
– Sale incentives will get you paid for upsells as well!This, for me, is a no brainer! Very rarely can you see a launch
with the potential to make you money like this…You seriously need to set yourself up to promo this one on
! Just 10 sales and you’re at $1,000!!!Enjoy this!Tim and Zak

So do you really believe this system was designed especially for the newbie just starting out in this business or what?
If you are looking for a place that is free from theses types of scams click below to join us in our fight against these ever growing scam artist that just loves to take your money and run laughing at all the way to the bank with it!

5K In 15 Days Tools and Training

In the video he is saying that he will be giving you all of the tools and training available for this secret that he is letting out of the bag for you to get back what all of them has taken from you in the past and not charge you a dime in the process.

5K In 15 Days Support

I assume there is going to be some type of support for this if he is promising everything you need he will give it to you at no charge!

Price For 5K In 15 Days

He is saying that this is all for free and he will not charge you a single dime at anytime, but to get past Step #1 after you sign-up you have to go to his choosing hosting company that will charge you $30 for a domain name and your website set up and hosting for the next 2 years will be $262.80 you can get this cheaper if you go with the 6 month plan at $119.70. I am sure there is more upsell funnels to come after that sorry I was not able to find out for you cause I was not going to spend my money on it just like you should not either!

My Final Opinion Of 5K In 15 Days

We after all of my research and digging into others that have gave positive reviews on this scam just so they can try and talk you into buying it from them so they can make extra money off of you also. There are a lot of people out here on the internet and in this world in general that are trying to make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck week to week. You all have to content with these so called internet masters that have all the money they could ever need so they are willing to share a piece of it with you that are so desperate and blind due to these shinny objects that they dangle in front of your faces. Please do not fall for this scam, the reason I call it a scam is because the highly generated massively targeted traffic that he is promising you comes from all of his friends that are established internet marketers and are will to sell the traffic to you through him. Since Panda and Penguin came out you all know that Google is not letting these blackhat tactics get past them anymore, so we all need to watch out for each other and help out when we can to teach people the right way to get your own traffic the legit way by lots of really good and honest content in your blogs and websites.

There is a place that everyone is welcome to join and help us stamp out these people or at least knock em down a few notches so the rest of us can make an honest living out here on the wonderful web. I am part of a growing community of helping and honest Internet Entrepreneurs that are willing to share there knowledge and understanding of the net so all of us can prosper. If you are interested just keep on reading and I will explain to you a little about us. If not thank you for reading 5k In 15 days Review and good luck my friends!


5K In 15 Days At A Glance

Name: 5k In 15 Days

Website: http://5kin15days.com

Owner: Video introduces as belonging to Josh Monroe, but it is brought to us from Tim and Zack

Price: Free to join, but you have to get past Step #1 first which is a purchase of a domain name for $30 and a 2 yr. hosting package for $262.80

Overall Rating: 30 out of 100



Here I have included below a  keyword search tool that you can try out for free to see how it works the name of it is Jaaxy!  As a starter member you can use it for up to 30 Keyword searches, but as a premium member you will have unlimited use of this fantastic one of a kind internet marketing tools. Feel free to try it out now!


I know you are ready to get into into internet marketing or you would not be here! I am part of a community of like minded people that are building an internet business for themselves and are willing to spend time with you to help you build your online business also and the best part these people will not charge you for there knowledge. Now if you are interested you can join our community for free that’s right no charge to you. All you have to do is click on the button below and start your free membership.


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7 thoughts on “5K In 15 Days

  1. Tommy Dillard Post author

    Thank you for your comment and yes Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful place to be. The training here is next to no one else on the internet

    1. Tommy Post author

      Yea same thing these guys hit and run. Most if them are westerners but there transactions come out of china now.

  2. Chris Lee Vella

    5K in 15 Days? I mean come on even the name scream SCAM! Who would fall for these type of products?

    People think they can actually earn 15K in 15 days? A grand a day as a beginner?

    Good job on airing this out Tommy! 🙂


    1. Tommy Post author

      Thank you very much for your input I try to inform people just what I see, if it quacks like a duck it must be a duck.

  3. Matthew Neer

    I have recently made more than $5K in 15 days.

    Millionaires make more than $3K/day.

    Big oil makes like $1,000,000 per hour.

    How is it scam?

    1. Tommy Post author

      This system is over 2 years old if it is making you money now more power to you my friend. I myself did not like it to me it smells like a money grabbing scam, sorry.
      Have a wonderful day


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