Traffic Fortune Review

By | June 15, 2013

Traffic Fortune ReviewTraffic Fortune

Hold on! What is traffic fortune?  Read my unbiased Traffic Fortune Review before you buy it! Then you can ask yourself is traffic fortune a scam or is it legit?  Let me have just a few minutes of your time and I will explain as much as I can about this system as best I can!

Name: Traffic Fortune


Price: $47

Owner:  Frank Parker

Overall rank: 20 out of 100

Traffic Fortune Product Overview

This is suppose to show you how to get a steady stream of traffic by using a system they call VVX. He says that the VVX works like crazy with its new untapped source of powerful buyer traffic. It will allow you to get a steady stream of targeted traffic to any website or affiliate link of your choice and it harnesses the power of one of the most powerful mediums on the internet!

  1. Pick your product from either clickbank or clicksure
  2. Write down 2 to 3 words that are associated with the product you are promoting
  3. Enter your product into the VVX
  4. Upload your VVX link into there secret .com
  5. Enjoy your profits

Pros and Cons


  • I bought into this and did not find any pros


  • His small fee for this system is for 2 things only 1. Shows that you are serious
  • Processing fees for hosting and members area upgrades
  • Offering 20 VVX’s for free but charging you $297 for the first one and then the rest of the 19 are free just to see if you are serious
  • Another scam
  • What the hell is a VVX no one knows its just something they came up with

Who Is Traffic Fortune For?

Traffic Fortune

This system was set up for the Internet gurus with there large e-mail list to make large amounts of money on unsuspecting newbies trying to get started in this business. With cash prizes given to the top 10 sellers of this product.

Now if you are looking for a place that is free from theses types of scams click below to join us in our fight against these ever growing scam artist that just loves to take your money and run!


Traffic Fortune Tools and Training

Sorry I was not able to find out about there tools and training videos I just did not have enough money to even get my first VVX up and running. After further research on this VVX system I have came to the conclusion that it a worthless piece of software you could ever buy in other words it is just a scam to get your money. This tool will never make enough money even to pay for what you spend on it.

Traffic Fortune Support

In order to get the support that you would need after you paid the money for his tools and training you would have to pay $147 to join his Traffic Tornado Money Club for his personal support on getting up and running.

Price: $47

My Final Opinion Of Traffic Fortune

Traffic Fortune

I started to pay the $47 but I exited out of that page and it took me to one with $20 off, so i payed $27 to get in. After that I was taken to a page that explained to me about the VVX but did not explain it very well just enough to keep you there to get to the next screen. This is the e-mail I received explaining how to get to the members page:

First of all I want to say THANK you for Signing up for Traffic Fortune
If you FOLLOW all the STEPS in the EMAIL I can say that you are
well on your way to Wheelbarrows of fortune in your bank account.

In order to correctly get your account configured I need you to follow
the following STEPS in ORDER:

STEP ONE:  I need you to go here and Get your LEADS funnel setup

It is important that you follow the direction on this offer in order to qualify
for FREE Leads.

STEP TWO: You need to go here and signup for your First training Webinar

STEP THREE:   Click here to access your members area where you will
receive instructions on how to access your TRAFFIC Fortune.

But ONLY after you have completed Steps One and Two.

Ok got it?   Good,  now click those links and follow the directions

See you on the Inside


Step one: Crazy Leads is a lead into getting a domain name for free but you have to use a hosting company of there choice HostGenius with a 3 year package deal of $323.16

Step two: Join there webinar which is scheduled on a certain day but which is no good unless you fork out $ for your hosting first.

So as you can imagine That is why I did not even get to try and see if it really worked just too much money to get started!

Now that I have concluded my Traffic Fortune Review I hope I was able to give you the information that you were searching for!

Traffic Fortune At A Glance

Name: Traffic Fortune


Owner: Frank Parker

Price: $47 plus $323.16 for hosting, $147 for support, $297 for one VVX to get 19 for free

Overall rank: 20 out of 100

Verdict: Traffic Fortune


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4 thoughts on “Traffic Fortune Review

  1. Jenny Fletcher

    That’s all very well but you don’t say what a VVX is. Since you got in to Traffic Fortune, you have a large amount of information which thousands of people are being scammed for. If you provided the answers properly, you would have people flocking to this website to find out. That traffic would benefit your other business and would far more than recoup the minor loss you incurred by getting scammed yourself!

    Not only that, but instead of perpetrating the scam by exciting curiosity, you would kill it dead.

    How about revealing more of what you learned about what a VVX is and how to use it?

    If you did that, I would certainly link to your site from my blog.

    Best wishes – Jenny Fletcher

    1. Tommy Dillard Post author

      Sorry buty like I explained on my post to find out what a VVX was I would have had to buy another upsell for $297 and I was not going to waste my money on that and the other upsells to get it to work! VVX is just another way to say Scam click here and I can enjoy your money!

  2. Tommy Dillard Post author

    You and me both. But I like writing content it is better then the trying to chest the system like the blackhats try too! Thank you for your comment

  3. Tommy Post author

    You will get your money back just stick to contacting clicksure I had to do the same thing when I bought in just to do this review on the product. Thank you for your comment


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