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By | June 19, 2013

Marketing With Anik Marketing With Anik

Stop do not get caught up in these two guys new Marketing With Anik venture, Inbox Blueprint to see if they have the best affiliate marketing secrets for you to learn from until you read my unbiased Inbox Blueprint Review to see if they are legit or  scam artist!

Name: Inbox Blueprint


Price: $37

Owners: Anik Singal & Jimmy Kim

Overall Rank: 35 out of 100

Marketing With Anik Overview

There Main product-just before the bonus stack…is 15 weeks of coaching-YES-every week Anik gets on a live Webinar and teaches you one strategy per week that is working and then after gives you a LIVE Q&A.

On top of this offer you will also get there 30 weeks of previous coaching session recordings from Marketing With Anik previous sessions

Plus they are giving away $5,000 worth of training.

This includes: Affiliate Classroom training, The Lazy Tubester (utube training), and the Clickbank Overnight Expert Training Course.

All of this for only $37

Pros And ConsMarketing With Anik


  • 35 Prerecorded Webinars(previous training sessions)
  • 15 Brand New LIVE Webinar Trainings
  • $5,000 Worth of there BEST Training
  • All For Only $37


  • The 35 prerecorded Webinars are out of date from Googles new search engine SEO formates
  • All the best training is just basic programs to help you get into internet marketing
  • The price isn’t bad but there will be upsells
  • The 15 week live Webinars will run you past your ability to get a refund so you will be stuck with this

Who Is Marketing With Anik For?Marketing With Anik

To help Internet marketers with there big email list to recruit more Internet marketers into the business to create more e-mail marketers into the system.

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Marketing With Anik Tools and Training

35 Prerecorded Webinars (previous training sessions), 15 brand new training Webinars from Anik once per week, plus there best training tools.

Marketing With Anik SupportMarketing With Anik

After each Webinar there will be a live Q&A session, also offering

Marketing With Anik Price: $37

My Final Opinion Of Marketing With Anikanik2

I do give them partial credit for giving you 15 brand new live Webinars with live Q&A sessions after the training for each one. The 30 Webinars are all Prerecorded from there old training that could be outdated but you will learn the basics from it I’m sure. There is suppose to be 24/7 support offered but I did not buy into this one to really find out this time. Because of the 15 weeks of live Webinars would take me past the 8 weeks of money back guarantee and I’m sure the training they are going to teach you is things that I already know about internet marketing thru the group I am affiliated with. I learnt from this group all I need to know and more gets added everyday for free well except for a premium price of $47 per month and that includes all the hosting of as many websites you can build yourself and maintain plus all the training on how to build your Internet business. This Marketing With Anik and his Inbox Blueprint does not exist anymore to even sign up for it so do not waste your time even looking for it!

Marketing With Anik At A Glance

Name: Marketing With Anik


Owners: Anik Singal & Jimmy Kim

Price: $37

Overall Rank: 35 out of 100

Verdict: Marketing With Anik

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