What Is Mobile Money Code

By | May 1, 2013

Mobile Money CodeWhat Is Mobile Money Code? Is Mobile Money Code a Scam? To find out read my unbiased Mobile Money Code Review and you can find out if mobile money code is a scam or legit!

Name: Mobile Money Code

Website:  http://www.mmcjv.com/

Price: $49

Owners: George Brown, Greg Anderson, & Ronnie M.

Overall Rank: 25 out of 100

Money Mobile Code Overview

Money Mobile Code is a software that was designed originally to sell for $999+ it is built with tons of value in mind. The software is 100% custom created from the ground up and has been in use for over 8 months.

Your list of E-Mail op-ins will get access to an amazing piece of software that is a true click, drag and drop type soft ware. They will be shown how to create professional mobile business websites and how they can make $150 up to $3000 a month per site just by going out to there local businesses that do not have websites or do not know how to maintain there own sites and sell it to them.

Mobile Money Code requires very little tech skills as the steps here are very simple to follow and created in a simple way to be fail proof. As a drag and drop software, it is one that will give your e-mail opt-ins exactly what they want –  instant results.

Mobile Money Code is also wrapped with tons of step by step training to give them a very strong knowledge base on Mobile Marketing, not to mention thousands of dollars worth of free bonuses.

The Pros and Cons


  •  You do not need to be tech savvy
  • All you need is a mobile device
  • No website
  • Just drag and drop format
  • No sales ability required


  • In order to view the video you will need to enter your email address
  • This helps build the promoters email list for the next big launch from one of the other Guru’s
  • Way too much hype in the video
  • There is no system in this world that will make you rich over night
  • This just makes lots of money for them

Who Is Mobile Money Code Made For?

Mobile Money Code

This product was put together for all of the hundreds of Internet Guru’s out here that love to take advantage of unsuspecting people that are trying to make extra money in this very bad economy that we face now days. These people know of the hard times and want to take advantage of all the newbies to Internet Marketing that have a savings to help get a new source of income to survive. This new launch is going to start on April 29, 2013 and this is what they are offering to the affiliate marketers that are going to make buck off of the unexpected. All of the promoters of this new system is being offered a new type of CPA with no refunds what you make is what you get, no reserves they will not hold anything back you will get all your commissions, and weekly payouts, Plus there is a contest with $18K in prizes plus daily cash contest,so they are expecting to make a lot of money off of all of you guys that do not know better.

Here is a promise he makes to all the promoters is, What else is in it for you guys i will always support you back 10 times harder for those that support me. That’s just not talk he says he will send them 25,000 to 100,00 unique visitors to there own system launch!

Now if you are looking for a place that is free from theses types of scams click below to join us in our fight against these ever growing scam artist that just loves to take your money and run!


Mobile Money Code Tools and Training

Simple step by step training program which teaches you how to build websites from your mobile device for local businesses in your area. They  say you do not need any type of tools expect your mobile device and an Internet connection.

Mobile Money Code Support

He mentions on the video that he will give you 6 weeks of personal training, but there is a guaranteed 60 refund clause. That means they will keep you involved with training all the way up until the guarantee runs out. I know that does not calculate to 60 days but it will just take a chance and find out I’m sure they will stretch it out just for that.

Mobile Money Code Price: $49

My Final Opinion of Mobile Money Code

In my opinion this is just another money making system that was launch just for the private money hungry Internet Guru’s that prey on the unsuspecting newbies that are trying to break into the Internet marketing world. The video they put together was just another movie production with all the people in it actors with there lines already written out for them to say. Also the 3 promoters of this system are 3 of the biggest Guru Scammers out here with there own large email list that that they use to promote all the other ripoffs that participate.
I received an email from them since I am an Internet marketer myself and they were bragging how much was already made by the third day of this wonderful launch as they call it. Total sales above 750k already and growing that only shows that maybe I’m in the wrong business trying to stop you guys from getting ripped off and join the other side .

Don’t worry that will not happen I would not be able to sleep at night knowing I took advantage of you guys.

Now That I have answered the question about What Is Mobile Money Code and satisfied your curiosity about it!  Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any concerns!

Mobile Money Code at a Glance…

Name: Mobile Money Code

Website: http://www.mmcjv.com/

Owners George Brown, Greg Anderson, & Ronnie M

Price: $49

Overall Rank: 25 out of 100


Mobile Money Code

Here is a bonus for you I have included a keyword research tool  give it a spin you will get 30 free searches for you to try! It is called Jaaxy!

Now if you are interested in creating your very own Internet Business I have a product right here that will teach you how to do it the right way! There are no get rich quick systems out here, you have to be willing to put in time and effort if you want to be wealthy. All of these gurus promise you the simple click copy and paste techniques that just do not work well enough to get you rich. But it sure does make them rich over nite from all of the unsuspecting newbies that are desperate to make extra money and willing to try just about anything. If you come with me into this wonderful friendly community of very highly trained internet marketers that are willing to give there secrets to you for free! The starter membership is free so come on in and try us out it will not cost you anything except your, but beware once you see how great it is here you just might want to join our premium membership at a low monthly cost that is well worth its weight in gold. I know you need it so just click the icon below and take a look inside, I will be on the other side waiting just for you to help you on your way to financial freedom.



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7 thoughts on “What Is Mobile Money Code

  1. Mira Hassan

    Dear Tommy,
    I appreciate for your very objective review. When I was watching Greg’s video, he gives an impression that once you use the code, you do not have to do anything. This is a misrepresentation of what he is selling.
    Thank you very much making me thinking. As I know I am an ex CFO, I do not have any creative or graphic background. How could I create a website for clients.

    You just save me US$ 49 and a great deal of heart aches. Thank you very much. Hope one day I can repay your kindness. Should you come to my country, please contact me. If you are a scuba diver, I can be able to introduce you to a lot of dive centers which will give you great discounts. As I am a very keen scuba divers. I have already have done 525 dives.

    Once again, many thanks. Your comment on this matter is very objective.

    Very best regards,
    Mira Hassan

    1. Tommy Dillard Post author

      Thank you. But if you would like to learn how to make websites on your own here at Wealthy Affiliate we would be glad to help you out at no charge for the start up program that lets you have 2 free websites plus posting of your very own to build by yourself and we have all the training for free to get started. But if you would like to get more advanced training there is a $47 monthly fee for as many websites that your heart can handle plus hosting on all of them. I would love to learn how to scuba dive also thank you for the invite.

  2. Mark Seegar

    This organization does not honor it’s money back guarantee. Look somewhere else for working on the web. ANY PLACE ELSE.

    I hope I have saved you time and money and aggravation. DON”T WASTE YOUR TIME. I am currently trying to get my money back. After 7 emails, multiple organizations (can’t actually figure out who owns this) and a shit load of non-responsive emails I am still trying. I will be setting up a web site along with Youtube, Facebook and anything else I can think of to inform people they would be much better off going somewhere else.

    1. Tommy Post author

      If you go thru click sure with your original number and explain to them what is going on and they will honor the guarantee money back i had to do the same thing. You are right these guys do not respond good luck. If you need a home to learn about Internet marketing come join us we will be glad to teach you

  3. wilfredo

    i need help i am trying to make money from home and i dont know wer to start any one culd help it will b tankful1


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