Is Turnkey Commissions A Scam

By | May 16, 2013


Turnkey CommissionsIs Turnkey Commissions a scam? Well lets look into it together here by reading my unbiased turnkey commission review!  I decided to investigate it with my own time and money so I can give you an unbiased review about it and to let you know is it a scam or legit?Name: Turnkey CommissionsWebsite: http://turnkeycommissions.comPrice: $39Owners: Andrew X and Winter Valko

Overall rank: 30 out of 100

Turnkey Commissions Product overview

This software was designed to drive targeted website traffic to any website that you have. But if you do not have a website don’t worry they are going to give you 20 affiliate sites for you to send this awesome traffic to. They will actually be landing pages not websites promoting digital products from Amazon and Clickbank. Apparently they’re only selling this system for $39 to the very first 100 customers and then raising the price to the next 200 to $997! That means there are only going to sell it to 300 students, the reason for this is that they do not want to saturate the market so there system will stay pure and only the serious people will buy it!

The Pros and Cons


  • Simple effective system for generating free traffic
  • Total traffic automation
  • Receive a bundle of 20 landing page sites to drive your free traffic too!
  • Elite Turnkey Commissions Fast track Coaching Program


  • There is no such thing as free traffic you have to work to get it
  • Traffic automation?
  • Websites are expensive to set up.
  • The upsells is where they get you.
  • It will take quite awhile to set everything up before you are ready to start making money and by that time its too late to get your guaranteed money back.

Who is Turnkey Commissions for?

Turnkey Commissions

The system was designed for newbies with an easy to follow directions to set up the system. But this is also for the large email list holders that can blast out thousands of emails to there newbies that trust them and listen to there every word. Because every time one of these guys launches a new campaign like this they all come a round to help each other out to keep them all rich!

Oh yea about them selling to 300 people only is just a ruse to get you to buy it quickly! So please do not fall for that old scam trick!

Now if you are looking for a place that is free from theses types of scams click below to join us in our fight against these ever growing scam artist that just loves to take your money and run!


Turnkey Commissions Tools and training

It is set up as a three step training system which consist of 1. They show you how to sign-up with clickbank and Aweber this is we’re you download and learn about squeeze pages.2. Teaches you all about SEO and how to get your backlinks, which in my opinion is pointless with squeeze pages. 3. Here they teach you 3 ways to generate traffic to your sites. No tools to speak of right now.

Turnkey Commissions Support

The only thing I saw was the $297 personal coaching package other then that They do not mention any type of support unless you would like to email the two guys that put this together.

Turnkey Commissions

Andrew X:


Turnkey Commissions Price $39

My final opinion of Turnkey Commissions

To me this is just another one of the Internet Guru scams that comes out every other week. Where all of these guys with there mega email list get together and promote each other every time one of them comes up with a money making scheme set up just for them to make millions on unsuspecting newbies. But that is just my opinion, because everything that they are teaching you here is things I have learnt by researching the Internet for free or from the large community of people that I am with that helps each other out for free also.

Turnkey Commissions at a glance

Name: Turnkey Commissions


Owners: Andrew X and Winter Valko

Price: $39 plus upsells = 1. 20 done for you campaigns – $197

2. Automatic traffic explosion APP – $97

3. Elite Turnkey Commissions Fast track Coaching Program – $297

Overall rank: 30 out of 100


Turnkey Commissions

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