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By | April 1, 2013

info product killer

Watch out for Info Product Killer scam until you have had a chance to read my Info Product Killer Review! Give me a few minutes and I will let you know if info product killer is a scam or not!

Name: Info Product Killer


Price: Starter – $47  Premium – $49  Pro – $149  All a one time payment 60 day risk free trial thru ClickSure

Owners: Craig Kaye and Rob Walker

Overall Rank: 25 out of 100

Info Product Killer, Product Overview

Advertised as a 100% free training video, that is Revolutionary with Military Precision and has never been seen before now! It took 12 months of developing of this Ultimate Online System to bring you this system that with only 3 hours of work per month you will be generating profits in the 6 figure area!

Pros and Cons


  • Takes only minutes to activate
  • You only have to enter 3 lines of text on your computer and click go
  • Simple
  • Tested
  • Proven
  • Delivers


  •  Live testimonial of a newbie that made over $8,000 in 7 days
  • There is no training in this 100% introduction video which is advertised at the begining
  • No proof of testing
  • Both owners are British
  • Logged into 4 of his accounts that generated $120,000 in one month but only showed screen shots of them?
  • Just another ClickSure Internet Guru Scam
  • Nothing was proven that it actually worked
  • Does not show it delivering any revenue

Who Is Info Product Killer For

Craig and Rob says that this is for all the people out here that do not make money online right now. Because of all the online scammers out there with there one click solution. They also said that they have decided enough is enough and are very very angry!

Now if you are looking for a place that is free from theses types of scams click below to join us in our fight against these ever growing scam artist that just loves to take your money and run!


Info Product Killer Tools and Training

There was no mention of tools that you would need and this was suppose to be a free training video which never produced any type of training in it!

Info Product Killer Support

The only thing close to this was that you would only have to enter 3 lines of text onto your computer and click GO with no mention of any support if it did not work for you or download properly. Apparently its just another click and forget it program.

Info Product Killer Price

  1. Starer Kit – $47Info Product KillerInfo Product KillerInfo Product Killer
  2. Premium – $49
  3. Pro – $149

All one time charge.

My Final Opinion of Info Product Killer

I watched the whole  free training video, like I said earlier there was no training at all in this video. This product does not guarantee any type of income or success what so ever! Rob Walker starts out in the video in front of Buckingham Palace showing all the glamor that is to come in this video. He introduces Craig Kaye as a online marketer that has generated over 1 million on line sales and this is going to be the first time on camera in over 3 years. Craig comes on saying that a couple of years ago he worked at Walmart stocking the shelf’s, but then a little farther in he also said a couple of years ago he had a business that had gone sour, so whiuch one of these is true? He says his friends calls him the fat Walmart guy and how he makes over $200.000 per month with only 3 hrs work per month. then he shows off his new Lamborghini and says i’m not bragging by showing you this but just showing you that this is real. These guys to me are just another pair of Internet Gurus with there get rich quick scheme again. then he says if you cannot smell the coffee by now then this is not for you so just exit. That is what I did and it stopped me sent me to another screen to offer me a $40 discount for only $9.95 on time charge and this is a one time offer and you will not see this offer again. The funny part of this is every time I got to this page during my research going back thru this several times to get info they offered me this same deal each time! After exiting this screen it took me to another page for: Free Traffic Boosting System Tool that generates 27,257 free visitors per day. Right under this it has this (Get free instant access to the Info Product Killer Traffic Boosting Profit System valued at $147. Yes its free just enter name and email address. I did it and got access to a download of Article To Video which is on my computer now for free which is a free download anyways LMAO!

I have came to the conclusion that Info Product Killer Is A scam so please stay away!

Info Product Killer at a Glance….

Name: Info Product Killer


Owners: Craig Kaye and Rob Walker

Price: Starter – $47              Premium – $49
Pro – $149   All Of these are one time charges to your credit card

My Overall Ranking: 25 out of 100


Info Product Killer

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  2. Jim Young

    Craig Kaye’s advertisement video actually says that he made 100 millions dollars on the internet, not just 1 million. It’s much harder to believe in 100 million. I think this whole advertisement is a huge exageration. Do you believe it?


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