Fast Traffic Formula

By | June 26, 2013

Fast Traffic FormulaFast Traffic Formula

Stop before you decide to join Fast Traffic Formula by Adrian Morrison! Give me a few minutes of your time and read my Fast Traffic Formula Review then you can decide if this is just another Anthony Morrison Scam!

Name: Fast Traffic Formula


Owners: Anthony Morrison and Adrian Morrison

Price: 2 payments of $49 each or 1 time payment of $67

Overall rating: 20 out of 100   

Fast Traffic Formula OverviewFast Traffic Formula

Fast traffic formula is a training course that will teach you how to use PPV (pay per view), and 3 other ways to drive traffic to your website. Here are the 3 other ways 1.Showing you the different ways you can buy traffic especially from Google by showing you how to get an account with Google to place an ad on there search engine and paying them PPC which stands for pay per click, so every time someone clicks on your ad you pay Google x amount of money. 2. Teaches you how to create UTube  videos to advertise your website to drive traffic to it. 3. Teaches to how to get with other people that have a large e-mail list that you can pay them to send an newsletter out to them to visit your website and capture there e-mail addresses also for future sells.

Pros and ConsFast Traffic Formula


  1. driving traffic to your website


  1. Google will teach how to advertise on there search for free
  2. Learning how to make UTube videos can also be found for free online
  3. Paying for PPC can get very expensive with little results
  4. Having others to use there email list can also get expensive
  5. If you have lots of money all of these can work for you
  6. PPV is pop ups on your computer that is blocked by your security systems

Who is Fast Traffic Formula Really For?Fast Traffic FormulaFast Traffic Formula

Just like all of these new launches from these guys with there simple to use systems that will make you rich quick with there shinny new formulas. This one is also designed for fast money to the large e-mail holding, system producing, Internet Guru’s. But if you are lazy and do not have time to search for these simple ways to get traffic to your sites For free and have more money then you need I guess this would be for you. If not I know of a place that will teach you all of this and more from some of the nicest people online that have been taken by these guys in the past.

Now if you are looking for a place that is free from theses types of scams click below to join us in our fight against these ever growing scam artist that just loves to take your money and run!


Fast Traffic Formula Training and Tools

I’m sure they have training videos of old school ways to get your attention. But will try to upsell you for the bigger and better ways to do it. Same for there tools!

Fast Traffic Formula Support

If Anthony and Adrian Morrison support is anything like they offered me back in Sept 2012 when I got taken by them for one of there seminars. You will not be able to get any support from them at all just like I did not after paying there fees to join there internet training courses!

Price For Fast Traffic Formula

2 Payments of $49 or 1 time payment of $69

My Final Opinion Of Fast Traffic FormulaFast Traffic Formula

All of there training is like I said earlier you can find for free online if you just spend some time and look for it. There PPV is old school and people have gotten tired of seeing pop-ups on there screen which is what PPV is and also your anti malware and antivirus protectors blocks these from your computers anyways. I know you need an outline on what you would be looking for but it all falls in place if you could find a community that is willing to help you for no charge from there members like Wealthy Affiliate. There is a small monthly charge to become a premium member but there is no charge to join the community to learn how to build your online business from scratch with simple step by step training, tools, and lots of help from everybody there. Let me know how you enjoyed my Fast Traffic Formula Review!

Fast Traffic Formula At A Glance

Name: Fast Traffic Formula


Owners: Anthony Morrison and Adrian Morrison

Price: 2 payments of $49 each or 1 time payment of $67

Overall ranking: 20 out of 100

Verdict: Fast Traffic Formula

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4 thoughts on “Fast Traffic Formula

  1. Ron

    FastTrack is a rip-off. Try and get your money back! I have been put through the ringers trying to talk to anyone about refunding my money. Don’t go near these people!

    1. Tommy Dillard Post author

      Yes I can believe it that is just how these two brothers are once they get your money you cannot get a hold of them!

      1. Jan Attila

        He really have got an appealing video that almost made me believe in his product. Well, unfortunate for him, there always seems to be review from products and people like him. I choose to use only the best traffic generation methods and proven free traffic systems to drive internet traffic on my website and create targeted traffic to my site. Now i’ve got the fastest world wide team building system ever existed in my hands.

    2. Tommy Post author

      Sorry about that but you must not have signed up under me because I help all of my referrals no matter if they stay for free that’s the kind of guy I am
      Have a nice day


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